As usual, Apple is hosting their special iPhone event this coming week, September 12th. Which means lots of new stuff, iPhones, iOS and more. Here’s what we can expect according to many different leaks.

iPhone XS

Apple’s most anticipated, and probably the most expensive release yet, will obviously be the iPhone X successor. According to a report from 9to5Mac, the new phone is likely to be called the iPhone X, keeping the tradition of having a major design changed followed by a less dramatic spec bump.

iPhone XS leak courtesy of 9to5Mac
iPhone XS leak courtesy of 9to5Mac

We are expecting an upgraded performance chipset, improved dual camera setup and the phone will likely have a lightning connector with a USB Type-C connection.

The main benefit of the USB-C Connector will be the easy charging, without using a dongle to charge the iPhone using other Apple Devices, such as the newer Macbooks that only have USB-C. This change is likely to happen due to a new EU Law change, preventing manufacturers to use proprietary-only cables for their consumer devices. In 2014, the EU mandated a single standard for charging all mobile phones, to eliminate what was estimated to be 51,000 tons of electronics waste yearly only in the EU.

iPhone Xs Max

We’ve also heard that Apple is planning to release a huge 6.5″ Inch iPhone, making it the largest screen on an Apple device yet. This still doesn’t compete to the Google Pixel 3 XL Leaks, though.

This handset will include much of the same internal specs as the other devices, although the company seems to include a few extras for the larger phones, such as additional cameras, more ram or a bigger battery.

Another interesting point which was speculated was that the iPhone Xs Max will allow to apps to run side by side, like an iPad Pro.

iPhone XC

This may be the most interesting announcement next week, a more budget friendly phone, possible called iPhone Xc. It has a 6.1″ Inch screen, which will fit in between the two flagships. The price is not known by today, but estimated to be under $1000.

Concept of the iPhone ‘Xc’ by iDropNews.
The concept of the iPhone ‘Xc’ by iDropNews.

Apple Watch Series 4

The main difference this time around will be a significantly larger screen, achieved by reduced bezels rather than increasing the body size. It’s expected to have a 384 x 480 resolution, which combined with the larger screen will allow watch faces to fit in much more information.

Apple Watch Series 4 courtesy of 9to5Mac
Apple Watch Series 4 courtesy of 9to5Mac