In the past week, there have been several reports of Spotify planning to make changes to its free subscription tier, to make it closely mimic it’s paid premium plan, according to a report by Bloomberg.

It appears the streaming service has slowly started rolling out changes as many users are starting to see a new and updated user interface. At Unframed I was able to confirm this redesign on an Android Phone of a friend. (Screenshots @Emre)

Another new update is that some playlists, such as “Gold Edition” can be played without the shuffle limitation.

This change is huge, as the ability to play any song was a big selling point to switch to premium, compared to the free plan. Now, if a playlist can only be played in shuffle mode, there is a designated blue shuffle icon showing you the limitation. Previously on the free tier, all playlists could only be played in shuffle mode.

When it comes to the bottom strip of navigation, the Browse button was removed and is hidden away into the Search tab. The Radio was also killed, and the function is nowhere to be found throughout any menus. Some users also report seeing a “Premium” button to the right, prompting free users to upgrade, while this wasn’t the case for me nor Emre.