The Nintendo Switch has been hacked to run Linux back in February this year, now it’s made clear that hackers are going further to run and create homebrew games for the console. As Eurogamer reports, there are two hardware exploits, which have been detailed this week allowing hackers to utilize a hardware flaw in Nvidia’s Tegra X1. This flaw allows the hacker to gain access to the Switch operating system.

The hardware flaw cannot be patched without Nintendo releasing a revised and new version of the Switch, meaning that at least 14 million devices are vulnerable to the jailbreak.

The Switch Jailbreak is similar to the iPhone Tethered jailbreaks, which means it needs to be performed on every boot while being connected to a computer over USB. The good side is, it doesn’t require any modifications to the console itself, meaning there is no need for a modchip. Although there might be companies creating additional hardware to assist with the tethered jailbreak, so no computer is required.

The Nintendo Switch Jailbreak allows the user, once it’s executed to run a full version of touch-enabled Linux, custom homebrew apps and games – all without being noticed by the existing software. The console-hacker Fail0verflow  revealed the exploit after notifying Google, Nintendo, and Nvidia 90 days ago since it also affects the Nvidia Shield and Google Pixel C tablet (which was silently discontinued in December).